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Field of Study

Software Technology (Programming)

Training Objectives
This program is aimed to cultivate students with all-round development in morality, intelligence, physics and mastering the basic principles of computer science and technology, methods and skills, the basic professional knowledge structure. Besides, students are trained to be professional personnel of development, design, maintenance and management in the field of computer software and information system.

Curriculum Characteristics
 1Professional orientation is more accurate
The professional orientation is in line with the higher vocational talents training objectives, aiming to train students to be professionals with the high skills, practical hands-on experience. As own duty, we aim to train students to meet requirements of the roles of software development, testing, database management, and other technical service in the software enterprise.
"Work-integrated learning" course system 
"Dilution theory, strengthening ability, innovation, flexibility are the key features", introducing advanced at curriculum system at home and abroad, which is focusing on the development of students practical ability and innovation, to form the curriculum system that can reflect characteristics of work-integrated learning course system. With the job process as the orientation, we work with the enterprises to implement Order-orientated Talents Training.
3. An open and productive training environment.
Through school-school cooperation and school-enterprise cooperation, we will build an internship training environment integrating "teaching, training, technical service, scientific research and production" and "professional skills appraisal". Cooperative enterprises: Longtop Financial Technologies Limited (LFT), XiaMenWanCeTechnology Co., LTD, ZhongRuanHhaiSheng information technology co. LTD., TaipeiCypressTechnology co., LTD., XiaMenMoYi information technology co., LTD., etc.
A professional with the multiple certificates to enhance employability.

Professional teaching combine with the advanced technologies and products of famous IT companies, such as IBM, Sun, Microsoft (Microsoft). The Students have the opportunity to obtain relevant technical certification, and the labor department high-tech exam courses have been brought into the teaching plan. The students passing the examination can obtain the certificate issued by the ministry of labor department.

Main courses
Java programming, Android development technology, HTML 5 programming, Database application technology, J2EE software architecture technology, etc.

Career perspectives
1.Ability to be a software engineer, network engineer, database engineer, etc.
Working for interprises and institutions as desktop application developer, network application development designer, test service personnel, system support personnel, information personnel.
3. Working for enterprises and institutions as database administrator, software development enterprise database design and application developer, information management system developer.
4. Upgrade from junior college student to university student or to study in overseas cooperative universities such as Singapore and Taiwan, as well as to start a business independently.