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Field of Study

Computer Network Technology


Teaching Objectives

To cultivate professionals with work ethics and innovation spirit, familiar with the basic knowledge of computer network, mastering the skills of network engineering design and construction, network management and maintenance, network application development. In the IT field of enterprises and institutions, they are engaged in network construction, network security and management, and the application and development of network services.


Professional Features

The computer network technology is a key major in Xiamen. Our school takes “combination of work and study” as the breakthrough point, adhering to the principle of “employment-oriented, ability-based, student-centered” and constantly promotes the reform of personnel training model, curriculum system, and teaching content. After years of professional construction and personnel training, it has become a major with distinctive professional characteristics, strong teaching staff, and close cooperation between schools and enterprises.


Course Setting

Network Cabling, Server Configuration and Management, Configuration and Management of Network Equipment, LAN Construction and Maintenance, Web Design and Production, PHP Development Technology, HTML5 Web Design, PHP + MySQL Website Development Technology


Occupational Direction

The graduates can be engaged in computer network, network management and maintenance, website construction and management, computer network related marketing and technical support in all kinds of enterprises and institutions, government agencies and network engineering companies. The main jobs are network technical engineers, website development and maintenance engineer, etc.