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Field of Study


Computer Application tecnology

Training objectives

The program of Computer Application Technology is aimed to cultivate students with all-round development in morality, intelligence, physique, and aesthetics. We intend to train students to be highly skilled professionals with sustainable development capability. To be specific, they are supposed to well master front-end WEB development, WEB Interactive development, UI design for handheld devices.


Curriculum Characteristics

For Internet companies, users are the God. Providing excellent customer experience is the key to success. This program takes the market demand as the guidance of curriculum system design and training. The program is also focusing on knowledge learning in front-end WEB language technology, framework technology, interactive technology, and client technology, strengthening the practical ability of front-end WEB development. The construction of curriculum is centered on work tasks, in order to train students to have strong capability in developing WEB projects with high quality.


Core Subjects

Web Design (HTML+DIV+CSS), Axure Product Prototyping, PHP Development Technology, WEB Development (-asp.net), Page Interaction Design (JavaScript), Front End Development Technology (HTML5), Interface Development Technology (Ajax), etc.


Occupational Direction

With the trend of paying increasing attention to front-end, Internet companies provide more opportunities to front-end programmers. For students majoring in Computer Application Technology, main employment directions include front-end WEB development, WEB interactive design, APP UI design, etc.