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Field of Study

Statistics and Accounting


Aims to cultivate the high quality technical and specialized talents who can master the knowledge of economics, financial management, accounting and finance, have the ability to apply the computer as well as financial analysis and accounting software to solve the accounting and statistics problems in modern enterprises and institutions, be able to engage in accounting and statistical information management and analysis, etc.

Specialized Characteristics:

Through the study of statistics and accounting, by going from the easy to the difficult, single to comprehensive practical training, combining theory with practice, joining internal with external training, understanding the internship, professional practice, comprehensive practice and post practice from multi-level as well as all-directional pattern, form a systematic and perfect practical teaching system, realize the seamless connection between teaching and work.

Main Courses:

Fundamental of Accounting, Fundamental Statistics, Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Cost Accounting, Accounting Computerization, Comprehensive Simulation Training of Accounting, Statistical Analysis Software, Statistical Practice.


The initial position mainly include: cashier, warehouse manager, cost accountant, general ledger accountant, current accounting, fund manager and so on. After acquisition of certain work experience, will get the development position such as: accounting supervisor, in-charge accountant, financial manager, chief financial officer and so on.