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Field of Study

Financial Management     


   Aims to cultivate the high quality technical talents who master the knowledge of economics, business management, and financial management, have the ability to apply financial software like accounting computerization to analyze financial statement and generate financial report .Be familiar with budget management and investment management of enterprises and so on, and to be competent in the professional work in the field of financial management. And then be primary applied high-quality technical talents.

Specialized Characteristics:

    It combines theory and practice through a combination of shallow and deep, individual to comprehensive practical training. It combines internal and external schools, and has a multi-level and all-round understanding of internships, professional internships, comprehensive internships, and top-level internships. Formed a systematic and complete practical teaching system, and achieved a seamless connection with the job. At the same time, the implementation of "double certificate" education has improved the competitiveness of students in employment and their ability to follow up on development.

Main Courses:

    Fundamental of Accounting , Fundamental of Economic Law, Investment and Finance, Marketing management ,Merchant Banking, Financial Accounting, Securities investment practices, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Financial Statement Preparing and Analysis, Accounting computerization, Principles of management. etc.


    The employment occupation field is engaged in financial accounting, financial analysis, cost management, investment management, etc. in various enterprises, institutions, securities insurance, financial institutions, etc.. The specific positions are cashiers, accounting, finance department staff, enterprise management, and internal audit etc .After obtaining certain work experience, the development positions that can be obtained are the finance