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Field of Study



Aims to cultivate the high quality technical talents who have the ability to apply information technology, master the operation of E-Commerce as well as basic knowledge and skills of E-Marketing and modern business, and who can utilize the online platform in product sales, business promotion and E-Commerce operation within various enterprises and institutions. 

Specialized Characteristics:

Based on practical teaching, students are encouraged to open online stores. Keep track of Internet and information technology development in time, set up courses like, "New Media Operation" "Big Data Marketing" "Short Video Production",etc. With school-enterprise cooperation as the teaching foundation, our students can work as an intern in several well-known E-Commerce companies in Xiamen.

Main Courses

Introduction to E-Commerce, Electronic Commerce Practice, Photoshop, Marketing, E-Marketing, Webpage Making and Designing, Online Payment and Security, New Media Operation, Big Data Marketing, Short Video Production.


Graduates can get jobs in E-Marketing, webpage making and designing, internet trade and so on initially. After acquisition of certain work experience, will get the development position such as: E-Commerce engineer, internet start-ups, online store manager, operation manager and so on.