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Field of Study

Smart Product Development

Cultivation Goal

Take employment as the focus, take the professional quality as the key point, take the professional position ability as the core, face the Xiamen intelligent electronic product production and the intelligent application enterprise, develop talents who have the professional ethics and spirit with love, professional, steadfast, enterprising and enterprising, have the basic electron High-quality technical and technical talents for electronic product development assistant engineers with professional skills such as  microcontroller applications, and initial embedded smart control product development.

Professional Features

In recent years, the application of smart products with a single-chip microcomputer (such as an ARM architecture) has developed rapidly. Intelligent transportation, smart grid, smart security, smart medical and so on have all become more mature applications. The Internet of Things is in the industry. There are also broad prospects for agriculture, environmental protection, food safety, and government functions. There is a huge demand for smart product development talent in the next five years. Intelligent product development professional is to meet the needs of the era of mass innovation, Internet +, and to develop high-qualified technical and technical personnel who master the hardware design, software development, and product maintenance of intelligent electronic products.

Employment Direction

For intelligent electronic product manufacturing companies and smart application electronics companies, the intelligent electronic product design, production, and after-sale technical service departments. They can be employedin intelligent equipment product design, intelligent product software development, and intelligent product maintenance. Can also be employed in electronic product production management and electronic product marketing related positions.