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Field of Study

Mobile Communication Technology

Development Goal

The mobile communication technology major is mainly for the mobile communication manufacturing industry, mobile communication business department, application department, and engineering department, cultivating the basic theory and basic skills of possessing electronic basic knowledge, mastering modern mobile communication, and being familiar with the structure of the mobile network, understanding Principles of mobile products, high-end technical talents with mobile communications system and equipment operation, testing, maintenance, product marketing and mobile communications engineering project management capabilities, as well as mobile product R & D and application capabilities.

Professional Features

With the popularization of electronic products and the comprehensive promotion of wireless networks, the development of the mobile communication industry is just like the sun. Mobile communication technology has brought the world closer and has created an indispensable part of the peoples lives. At the same time, mobile communication technology has also led to the development of various industries such as online financial systems, smart home life, network information and entertainment industries, creating a broad space for employment development. The professional of mobile communication technology will be a broad field of employment.

Employment Direction

Graduates are suitable for telecommunications operators jobs in engineering installation, maintenance, technical services, customer service, marketing, etc.; Formobile communication equipment production enterprises  in the development, production, testing, maintenance, sales and technical support; For the mobile communication engineering company  in engineering design and construction, supervision, maintenance and technical services; it is also suitablein the management and maintenance of mobile communication networks in the mobile communication business departments (such as banks, securities companies, subways and other large enterprises).