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Field of Study

Automotive Electronics Technology

Development Goal

Take employment as the focus, take the professional quality as the key, take the professional position ability as the core, face the automobile electronic product production and the automobile service enterprise, develop talents, who are familiar with the structure and principle of the modern automobile, master the modern automotive electronics and electronic control application technology, With the application of automotive electronics after-loading products, comprehensive fault diagnosis and maintenance of automotive electronics, and routine maintenance and repair services as the main employment positions, it has high-quality automotive electronic technology skills that are developed in the areas of automotive and accessories product marketing, automotive electronic product production and sales management. Talents.

Professional Features

The application of electronic information technology in automobiles has driven the advancement of automotive technology to electronic and intelligent. In the future, the proportion of automotive electronic products in the output value of auto vehicles will reach 60%. This major is a combination of electronic information technology and traditional industries. According to the Shortage Talent Report jointly announced by six ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Education, the current domestic auto industry has a talent gap of at least 1 million. The gap in automotive talent is even greater in the next five years, especially for mid-to-high-level auto technicians.

Employment Direction

Graduates can be employed in automotive 4S brand stores, automotive electronics (such as radar, navigation, car audio, etc.) manufacturing companies, automotive after-sales service companies, employed in automotive electrical and electronic maintenance, automotive testing, automotive automotive electrical equipment and post-installed jobs. Can also be employed in automotive electronics production management, automotive and electronic product marketing, automotive beauty and decoration, used car evaluation and other post-service industry technology and management.