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Field of Study


Intelligent Building Engineering

Training objectives

The program of Intelligent building engineering technology is mainly aimed at the employment positions in construction industry, intelligent engineering industry, and cultivates high-end technical talents who can work on intelligent building system integration, design, installation, debugging and management.

This major requires students to master the basic knowledge of building intelligent engineering technology, which includes electrical engineering, security engineering, building automation system, and operation and maintenance of architectural equipment and so on.


Professional Characteristics

The program of building intelligent engineering technology is employment oriented, and intends to cultivate skilled talents in intelligent building industry. These talented professionals must master the corresponding professional core skills, which include: 1) debugging and maintaining fire system and security engineering; 2) building automation control, integrated wiring system engineering, abilities of reading and drawing engineering diagram; 3) operation and maintenance capability of the access control system and video monitoring system.


Main courses

Construction on Engineering Drawings, electrical technics, Network Integrated Wiring Technology, Installation and Debugging of Security System, Building Intelligent Systems Integrators Project, Monitor Software and Configuration Design, Engineering Bidding and Contract Management.


Teaching Resources

(1) Practical training on campus and off campus

On campus, our practical training workshop has provided training equipment of intelligent building major, which can complete a large number of training programs. These programs include Access control and video intercom system, video monitoring system, fire control system, DDC intelligent lighting control system, integrated wiring system, installation and debugging of fire protection system, air conditioning, drainage monitoring and so on. Off campus, we cooperate with Fujian Cheng Da Xing Intelligent Technology co. LTD and Ju Bai De (XiaMen) Intelligent Technology co. LTD.

(2) Skills Competition

Students of our major have participated in the skills competition of Fu Jian vocational college for many times, and won the third prize and excellence award in the installation and debugging of the building automation system of building automation system several times.


Career Perspectives

1. Students can work on management and maintenance of strong and weak power system in large and medium-size property management enterprises.

2. Students can work on operation management and maintenance of each subsystem, such as security system, monitoring system, fire system, etc. in intelligent building.

3. Students can work on engineering technology management of intelligent building system/subsystem , equipment installation, budget preparation, engineering drawing in construction and installation enterprise.

4. Students can work on product performance test, marketing, pre-sales technical consultant, product installation and debugging, after-sale service in intelligent building products company.