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School of Software Engineering

The School of Software Engineering is the key school of Xiamen Institute of Software Technology. It is also one of the schools with the longest academic history and the strongest comprehensive strengths. The majors are all geared to the needs of the IT industry. Relying on the resources of Xiamen University and Xiamen University of Technology, the School is equipped with a professional teaching team and advanced teaching facilities. Over the years, with practiced-oriented teaching methods, the School has created a large number of excellent software development and management professionals with moral integrity and high professional competence. The employment rate of the School's graduates is over 98 percent, while more than 70 percent of them work in IT industry. More than 20 percent of the graduates choose to further their study in the Institute’s partner universities in Taiwan and foreign countries, such as Singapore and Australia.
There are more than 80 academic staff (both full-time and part-time) in the School. After years of development, a professional teaching team has been formed which consists of campus-based staff and specialists from various enterprises. Most of the faculty members have a postgraduate degree or above, and more than 70 percent of them hold an intermediate or higher professional title.
In recent years, the School and some enterprises have jointly undertaken more than 20 teaching and scientific research projects. More than 30 authentic enterprise projects have been introduced into the school’s productive training base.
Field of Study
Software Technology (Programming)
Software Technology (Game Designing)
Computer Network Technology
Computer Application Technology 
Cloud Computing Technology and Application
Intelligent Building Engineering