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Field of Study

Computer Information Management(financial information orientation)


Cultivate students with professional foundation that related to management, economics, computer applications.Have ability with computer data analysis, information system analysis and information management. Get a job in Economic management department., commercial enterprises, financial institution and research unit.The main work contains with data collection and analysis, information management, information system construction and management and development and utilization of information resources.

Specialized Characteristics:

1. Combined with the needs that is the development of the Haixi economy.Emphasis on quality education and skills development Strengthen practical teaching. Building partnerships with enterprises.

2. Insist on the school concept . Organize students to participate in various skill competitions. Cultivate students' sense of innovation and ability. Focus on students' ability in information technology and financial information management.

Main Courses:

Information management systems, Basis of Accounting, financial control, The Principle and Application of ERP, Programming Foundation(C language), Analysis and Design Information Systems.