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School of Economics and Management

The School attaches great importance to practical teaching. Case study, multimedia teaching, analogue simulation, on-site training, and social practice have been carried out in daily teaching activities. Moreover, the School has built extensive cooperation with renowned universities and enterprises, such as Xiamen Fish Website, Xiamen Simeida Co., Ltd., China Galaxy Securities, China Commercial Bank and so on.
The graduates, who are equipped with strong manipulative and adaptive ability, are warmly welcomed by employers. The School’s employment rate remains above 96 percent from years past.
There are nearly 40 faculty members in the School, among which 14 hold a senior professional title, and 9 with an immediate professional title. Many of the key courses are taught by senior executives, accountants, engineews, and financial planners, some of which have earned master's degrees at prestigious universities abroad.
Field of Study
Financial Management
Statistics and Accounting
Computer Information Management