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Field of Study

Electronic Information Engineering Technology

Cultivation Goal

Cater to  Xiamen Special Economic Zone and neighboring cities, develop the talens, whomaster the basic knowledge and operation skills of electronic circuits, and have strong embedded system application and information processing capabilities, haveeneral knowledge of corporate management and product marketing, which is suitable for complex innovative high-end research and development, R&D assistants, production management, equipment maintenance, quality management, technical support, marketing, etc.

Professional Features

As a key industry in Xiamen, the electronic information industry has maintained its strong development over the years and has been consistently supported by the municipal government. Xiamen's electronic information industry in Xiamen's area ranged from Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the software park in Siming District of the island to the third phase of Jimei Software Park outside Xiamen Island, and the subsequent phase IV of the software park in planning and construction. Each year this area provides good job opportunities for talents in the electronic information industry. As an indispensable talent in Xiamen's electronic information industry, graduates of electronic information engineering technology will have much more employment advantages.

Employment Direction

Graduates have a wide range of employment and are suitable for working in electronic information and related companies. Graduates can look for jobs in the  Electronic companies in and around Xiamen, including electronic development, product testing, product promotion, project management, production management, and training. Technical support, after-sales service and other related positions. In addition, as the emerging technology in the electronic information industry, the Internet of Things will become a popular job for students of electronic information engineering technology.