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School of Electronic and Information Engineering

The School of Electronic and Information Engineering was set up in accordance with the trend of the integration of software technology and electronic technology. Based on the current development direction of information technology and the planning of key industries in Xiamen, the School set up the majors according to the knowledge of information acquisition, transmission, processing, utilization, control and their applications. 
The School is equipped with a well-established practical teaching system and advanced experimental training devices with 3 professional training spaces and 12 general training spaces. The Training Space of the Internet of Things is the Key Laboratory of the Institute, which undertakes the teaching and training tasks of the Internet of Things technology, embedded technology, sensors and other courses for the students from relevant majors to employ in their professional development. The School also founded the Electronic Innovation Association, which set up a few special laboratories and a production and testing base. The Association cooperates with a number of local enterprises providing a solid support for students’ practical training and innovation. The members of the Association have achieved many outstanding results in previous competitions and practical trainings.
The School of Electronic and Information Engineering possesses a professional teaching team with rich practical experience and theoretical knowledge. 87 percent of the academic staff have a postgraduate degree, while more than 87 percent of them hold an engineer or above professional title. In addition, the School has a group of outstanding engineers from Lenovo, BMW, Wanlida Group Co., Ltd., ABB (China) Co., Ltd. and other enterprises as instructors, providing a solid guarantee for students’ practical learning.  
Field of Study
Electronic Information Engineering Technology
Automotive Electronic Technology
Mobile Communication Technology
Intelligent Product Development