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The teacher Development Center's "Speaking class training" sharing activity helped teachers improve their speaking class ability

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In order to further improve the teaching level of teachers in our school, promote the professional development of teachers in our school, and cultivate high-quality professional teachers, the Quality Management Department & Teacher Development Center organized the "Lecture-speaking Training" activity for the second semester of 2021-2022 school year in F202 Lecture Hall on May 24th. Vice President Jiang Ping, department heads, deputy directors and all full-time teachers attended the activity.
 1. Poster of the activity
At the beginning of the activity, Director Xing Haiyan of quality Management Department & Teacher Development Center first introduced the purpose and significance of the activity. Lecturing is a teacher's basic skill. It reflects the teacher's teaching idea, teaching skill and teaching style intensively and concisely, and fully embodies the teacher's teaching level and teaching wisdom. It also reflects the teacher's ability to analyze and design the curriculum. As a qualified teacher in higher vocational colleges, he or she must be able to understand the status and role of the course he or she is talking about in the professional talent training program, as well as its status and role in the whole curriculum system from the overall height.
2 .Director Xing Haiyan of quality Management Department & Teacher Development Center made an introduction at the opening of the activity
This activity adopts the way of "video observation + on-site comment". "Stone of tashan, can offend jade", the activity of selected case video from the China association of vocational education 16th said "professional said, said courses, professional group, said the teaching material" seminar "on the other typical practice cases of outstanding teachers of vocational colleges, and by the fuckman vice President, to give you one by one to read and review.
3. video of lecture case
Teaching cases from different universities, different majors and different teachers provide more perspectives and references for our teachers, and also provide good help for us to open up our ideas. Subsequently, Vice Principal Jiang Ping's frame by frame interpretation clarified our thinking and gave us a deeper understanding of the methodology of lecture presentation. Based on her decades of teaching experience and expert judging experience, Jiang school not only confirmed the excellent links in the case, but also pointed out some shortcomings in the case. Starting from the definition and purpose of lecturing, she first emphasized that "lecturing" is different from "lecturing". And how to focus on "teaching design", "teaching strategy", "teaching implementation", "learning effect", "teaching evaluation" and other links (especially teaching design), and how to establish relevance and logical cases in each link are expounded. The so-called "simple way", Jiang School has provided a good framework and landing methodology for our teachers to improve their speaking skills, among which the "logic" and "relevance" are the focus of improving speaking skills. Finally, ginger with popular when it comes to the deconstruction of language in the school, the students from class can do ", "teachers should teach what" and "how to teach", "students after studying a degree", "our improvement thinking", the link with a skewer "logical line", supplemented by "data line" as the supporting of the each link of the instructions and double line, Do each link is according to follow, several can be tested, targeted, only do these, is a good lesson.
4 .Interpretation and comments on the case of Lecture presentation by Vice Principal Jiang Ping
Finally, Jiang Xiao sent a message to teachers in our school, hoping that they could keep up with the pace of teaching reform, constantly update their teaching ideas, and constantly reflect on their teaching behavior in teaching practice, so as to improve their professional quality and ability.
 5. Full-time teachers of the whole school participate in the on-site teaching activities
This activity is rich in content and full of work, welcomed by the majority of teachers. Through various follow-up activities, the Teacher development Center will further promote the exchange and learning of teachers across specialties and departments, help each other to improve, and benefit and grow from mutual exchange and learning.