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School leaders sent out to visit enterprises to promote employment

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Recently, in order to implement the decision and deployment of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and The State Council on the employment of college graduates, according to the spirit of the document "Notice on the Special Action of National College Secretaries and Principals to visit enterprises to Expand posts and promote employment" issued by the Ministry of Education and the relevant work requirements of the provincial Department of Education, our school has further implemented the "Leader" project of employment. Our school principal Zhang Shuqiu, secretary of the party committee Cai Liangshan respectively led active visit to unit of choose and employ persons, unit of choose and employ persons talent demand research and graduate employment quality, further enhancing university-enterprise fusion, establishing normalized interaction mechanism, in-depth studies are one thousand ways to broaden the employment channels, expand the employment, go all out to promote graduates employment.
Principal Zhang Shuqiu, vice principal Jiang Ping, assistant principal Zou Bin and others visited Xiamen Haimai Technology Co., LTD., Xiamen North Star Bohui Technology Co., LTD., Jiumu (Xiamen) Kitchen & Bathroom Co., LTD., Qi Brand E-commerce Co., LTD. President Zhang introduced the general situation of the school and the graduates of various majors in detail, investigated the internship and employment situation of graduates in enterprises, and had in-depth exchanges with enterprises on personnel training, construction of training bases, construction of industry-education integration projects and other aspects. He said that the special action of visiting enterprises to expand posts is an important channel for the school to visit and investigate and explore the cultivation of high-quality applied talents. He hoped to explore various forms of cooperation with enterprises to promote the employment of students and the development of enterprises. The enterprise said that the mode of joint innovation strengthens school-enterprise cooperation and exchanges, makes full use of talents and technological resources, and jointly creates a new benchmark for school-enterprise cooperation and promotes industrial innovation and development.
Secretary of the party committee Cai Liangshan, vice President of the Yellow River, the principal assistant zhuang xiao LAN, a communist party member Wu GguangZhe  of people visited the xiamen city of board like intelligent technology co., LTD., xiamen yaki software co., LTD., xiamen leaf Wei culture media co., LTD., xiamen love khalid technology co., LTD., a job, pig optimized version, and other enterprises, and for the opening of off-campus practice base. Zeng Gaofa, chairman of Executive Intelligence, and Wang Zhe, founder and CEO of Aquic Software respectively introduced the development history of the company and typical cases of the company's design and development, and gave full recognition to the quality of talent cultivation in our school. Secretary CAI said that the university should further strengthen cooperation with enterprises in the integration of industry and education, internship and employment of graduates and other fields, actively integrate various resources, create high-quality talent "transport chain", jointly promote high-quality employment of university talents, strive to achieve the integration and optimal use of resources, and achieve win-win cooperation between the university and enterprises. Zhuang University assistance highly affirms alumni entrepreneurship and creating more jobs for graduates of the Alma mater, and hopes that alumni advantages and platforms can jointly build employment platforms, broaden employment channels, and help graduates find high-quality employment.
School according to the higher requirements, formulated the "xiamen software vocational and technical college of the headmaster's visit to the enterprise company duty special action plan" to promote employment, school leadership team members clearly lead to visit companies billiton post request, under the above rate, elaborate organization, give full play to the leading group members an important exemplary role to take the lead to do a good job of graduate employment, promoting full participation, responsibility to the people, We will establish and improve mechanisms for leading officials to make arrangements, visit and supervise them in person to ensure job security.
School will continue to work hard to visit companies billiton hillock special action to promote employment, to "go out" and "please come in", the combination of deep enterprise social demand research and graduate employment status tracking, expand the employment of new space, deepen the integration between colleges, efforts to better employment platform for the students to broader, more fully, higher quality jobs for graduates.