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Focus on teaching competition to enhance the preparation strength

author:Editor      Clicks:     Date:2022-05-30 17:13:45

In order to further improve our teachers' teaching ability and prepare for the 2022 Fujian Provincial Teaching Ability Competition, our school held a preparatory meeting for the teaching ability Competition in conference room D305 on the afternoon of April 12th. Jiang Ping, the vice president of the school, gave instructions on how to prepare for the competition scientifically and efficiently.
Vice Dean Jiang gave guidance to the teams from the following aspects. Jiang stressed that first, each group should carefully read the spirit and relevant requirements of the competition documents, understand the purpose of the competition, and prepare for the competition scientifically. Second, each team should strengthen team cooperation, complementary advantages, pool wisdom, sincere cooperation, so as to be skilled and tacit cooperation; Third, we should pay great attention to the top-level design of teaching implementation report, prepare lesson plans and video recording scripts, and ensure the high quality of the entries. Fourth, all the participating teams are required to actively implement the relevant work of the competition according to the schedule to ensure the smooth completion of this year's teaching Ability Competition.
Jiang also stressed that the provincial Teaching Ability Competition is one of the core indicators leading the high quality development of the school. The School attaches great importance to this year's teaching ability competition, and hopes that all participating teachers will show our school's teaching ability and level, show the achievements of our school's major and curriculum construction, and strive for the best results.
After the meeting, the groups earnestly understood the guiding spirit of Jiang's teaching ability contest and had a heated discussion. Through this promotion meeting, the participating team teachers are more clear about the theme of the teaching ability competition, more clear about how to modify the work, and more clear about the direction of efforts to improve the work. This guidance meeting has played a positive role in promoting the preparation work of 2022 Teaching Ability Competition and improving teachers' teaching ability.