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The school held the 2022 Work Conference on Safety and Stability

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Recently, xiamen Software Vocational and Technical College held the 2022 Safe and stable work conference room D405. President Zhang Shuqiu and Party Secretary CAI Liangshan attended the meeting. Party committee member, logistics department director Li Qiang chaired the meeting. The meeting briefed the occurrence of cases involving students in Jimei Culture and Education District in 2021, and made an understanding of the Liability Investigation System of Xiamen Software Vocational And Technical College and the Dual Responsibility system of one post of Xiamen Software Vocational and Technical College. Principal Zhang Shuqiu signed the safety responsibility letter with the heads of all departments and functional departments of the school.
Li Qiang conveyed the key points of school safety work of Xiamen Education Bureau in 2022 and the spirit of campus safety joint meeting of Jimei School Police Station, and arranged the school safety and stability work in 2022 according to the actual situation of the school.
CAI Liangshan requirements, stability is overriding, do a good job of school security and stability of great significance, glorious mission. All units of the school should implement the requirements of "party and government with the same responsibility, one post with double responsibility", take safety work as the top priority of all work to grasp strictly, grasp carefully, grasp solid, grasp well, strictly prevent all kinds of safety accidents and cases involving students, to ensure the safety of life and property of teachers and students.
Zhang Shuqiu asked all the staff to stick to the concept of "nothing to lose, nothing to lose" and do a good job in security and stability. First, they should strengthen the sense of urgency, responsibility and mission and treat it seriously. Second, make a coordinated effort to ensure the safety of people, property, ideology and ideology; Third, focus on key areas and take effective measures to defuse potential security risks and minimize security risks. Fourth, students first, safety first, to further strengthen life safety education, build a solid line of thought; Fifth, we should strengthen the linkage with xuecun police station and strengthen the police's support and guidance for school safety management.