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In 2021, six events of xiamen Higher Vocational College Skills Competition were successfully held in our school

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 Recently, six competitions of 2021 Xiamen Higher Vocational College Skills Competition, including mobile Internet application software development, animation production, e-commerce, information security Management and Evaluation, cloud computing technology and application, and Artificial intelligence Technology and Application (COCOS game development), have been successfully organized by our school. 244 contestants, 85 instructors, 30 corporate judges, 30 school staff and 60 school volunteers from 8 vocational colleges in Xiamen participated in the competition.


After a day of intense competition, six events produced a total of 62 awards. Finally, our school won 6 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 2 third prizes.





During the game, education army teacher, miss guo to patrol, and view guidance, the scene to hear and understand the various games and game progress, encouraged contestants, condolences to staff, and the spirit of race organization work and said affirmation and praise, to host the games in our school each work to give high praise, at the same time, The organizers of the event have been highly praised for their meticulous and considerate services to the participating teachers and students despite strict epidemic prevention and control.


City education bureau leaders visit guidance

It is reported that the 2021 Xiamen Higher vocational college skills Competition is an important competition launched by the Municipal Bureau of Education to further promote the education and teaching reform of higher vocational colleges in xiamen, stimulate the enthusiasm of higher vocational students to learn vocational skills, improve the quality of talent training, and focus on key majors of regional industrial development. For games on the Internet + comprehensive skills, banking, international trade comprehensive skills, accounting, logistics operation scheme design and implementation of wisdom, and intelligent fiscal and taxation, customs, e-commerce skills, marketing skills, sand table simulation of enterprise management, computer network technology, Internet technology application, big data technology and application, design and manufacture, virtual reality (VR) Dynamic web application software development, information security management and assessment, cloud computing technology and application, the production of animation, artificial intelligence technology and applications (Cocos game development), oral English, preschool education professional education skills, tour guide service, horticulture, construction knowledge chart, graphic design, architectural CAD, surveying and mapping technology and other 26 games, They are respectively organized by Xiamen Software Vocational and Technical College, Xiamen City Vocational and technical College, Xiamen Xingcai Vocational and technical College, Xiamen Huatian Foreign Vocational and technical College and Xiamen Nanyang Vocational and technical College. By virtue of its professional advantages, our school has undertaken the electronic information professional competition for the tenth time and the electronic commerce professional competition for the sixth time.


Sporting event in the process, the dalian neusoft education technology group co., LTD., xiamen leaf Wei technology co., LTD., xiamen widely electronic commerce co., LTD., access technology group co., LTD., the basic north sheng (nanjing) technology development co., LTD., a cloud of jiangsu science and technology development co., LTD., xiamen yaki software co., LTD. Technical guidance.