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The School of Economics and Management Carries out In-depth Cooperation with Xiamen Qipai E-commerce Co., Ltd.

author:Editor      Clicks:     Date:2018-10-26 15:18:10

The School of Economics and Management and Xiamen Qipai E-commerce Co., Ltd. have officially signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement. The company provides computers and other equipment for free and the Institute provides venues to build an e-commerce production training base. During the period of "Double Eleven", the company provides e-commerce customer service, sales, technology and other positions for 71 students majoring in e-commerce. The students who take part in the activity have already participated in corporate e-commerce training from October 15 and will officially enter the actual combat state in early November. The computer equipment provided by this company has been installed and debugged in the training room S411. Under the guidance of the business instructor, students quickly become familiar with e-commerce operation knowledge and sales skills, master Internet sales skills, enhance sales awareness and ability, and become qualified electric businessmen. After graduation, students are fully qualified for e-commerce related jobs without going through the probationary period. For the company, after entering the school, it can train a group of talents for themselves. And during the "Double Eleven" period, the students will be introduced into actual combat, serve the enterprise, generate good economic benefits, and achieve a win-win situation for school-enterprise cooperation.

Fujian Qipai Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1979, is a comprehensive group company that specializes in apparel research, design and manufacturing, and integrates sales. There are more than 5,000 employees in the company. What`s more, the company has taken the lead in introducing multiple production lines in China, and has established more than 3,500 specialty stores in 31 provinces and municipalities (autonomous regions).