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The Institute Successfully Held the New Staff Training Activities

author:Editor      Clicks:     Date:2018-09-30 11:07:15

In order to adapt the new faculty and staff to the school atmosphere and environment as soon as possible, and strive to create a new faculty and staff team that meets the concept of vocational education in the new era, the Personnel Department of the Institute has organized a series of training activities for 25 faculty members who have been recruited since March 2018.

The training is divided into two stages: On September 20th, Xing Haiyan, deputy director of the Quality Management Department, focused on the requirements of the second round of evaluation, on how teachers understand and develop curriculum standards, and how to re-examine classroom teaching. She also updated the teacher's education and teaching philosophy, and guided teachers to continuously improve the charm of classroom teaching in a variety of ways, thereby improving the quality of classroom teaching and the level of talent cultivation. The deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office, Zeng lan, explained the aspects of the system, standards, procedures and norms in the teaching practice to the new teaching staffs, emphasizing that the professional talent training program is a programmatic document for teaching management and teaching quality evaluation. Teachers should follow the teaching rules and put the requirements of "cultivating who, how to cultivate" into practice, and adopt the rules, standards, procedures, and norms in teaching practice as the action criteria and habits of teaching work. Teachers should attach importance to teaching summary, update teaching concepts, improve teaching methods and professional quality.

On September 27th, Director Wang Qi of the Personnel Department focused on strengthening the guidance of the new faculty and staff from the Institute’s educational purposes, educational philosophy and school culture. She also introduced the Institute's personnel management rules and regulations, as well as the new faculty's title evaluation and appointment, salary and treatment, assessment and performance issues. Director Chen Qi of the Cooperation Office of Science, Technology, Industry and Education explained the role of scientific research in colleges and universities, from the perspective of why teachers should do researches and how to do scientific researches in higher vocational colleges, and call on everyone to attach importance to scientific research. Executive President Zheng Tongtao introduced the Institute's general situation to the new faculty and staff from the aspects of Institute's educational philosophy, characteristics, and future planning of the Institute. He pointed out that our school was a full-time higher education institution which had been approved by the Fujian Provincial People's Government. The Institute is one of the only two software vocational colleges in the province supported and led by Fujian Province. The school is closely related to the “software and information service industry” of Xiamen's 100 billion industrial chain. President Zheng put forward three points to the new faculty and staff: First, self-cultivation and promotion of morality; second, persist in learning, open up the horizon, and improve the overall quality; third, love the school as our home, and integrate into the school as soon as possible.

The new faculty and staff training is compact, rich in content, large in information and highly targeted. It not only helps new faculty and staff understand the relevant rules and regulations, but also deepens their understanding of teaching, research, personnel management, etc. It has clarified the behavioral ethics that should be a faculty member of a college and university, and laid the foundation for their quick integration into the school and the first step in their career.