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Four Skill Competitions of Xiamen Higher Vocational College Successfully Held in the Institute

author:Editor      Clicks:     Date:2018-11-07 10:30:29

In order to further promote the comprehensive reform of vocational education in Xiamen city, improve the quality of personnel training, and stimulate students to actively study vocational skills, the Education Bureau decided to hold the 2018 Xiamen Higher Vocational School Skills Competition in early November. This year, the Institute was commissioned by the Xiamen Municipal Education Bureau to undertake four competitions: e-commerce, mobile Internet application software development, security management and evaluation, and animation production. The leaders of the Institute attached great importance to this event and instructed the Training Center to take the lead. The School of Software Engineering, the School of Economics and Management Departments, and the School of Digital Media are the responsible units. After nearly one month of active preparation and scheduling, the four events were held in the Institute on November 4th, 2018.

In this competition, 56 teams from Xiamen, 186 students and 64 instructors participated in the competition while 20 teachers and students from Fuzhou, Longyan and Zhangzhou were invited to participate in the competition. There were 6 first prizes, 11 second prizes and 18 third prizes. The Institute has won 3 first prizes, 1 second prize and 4 third prizes. The teachers and students of each participating school indicated that the arrangement was reasonable and expressed great satisfaction with the hospitality and service of the Institute.