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Professor Zhang Hongyan from Beijing JiaoTong University Visited Our School to Guide the Major Construction

author:Editor      Clicks:     Date:2018-10-16 16:34:28

On October 8th to 9th, 2018, our school welcomed professor Zhang Hongyan from Beijing JiaoTong University to guide the major construction. In this exchange activity, Professor Zhang introduced the latest major evaluation system of the Ministry of Education to the School of Software Engineering and the School of Digital Media. Under the background of more and more clear internationalized trend of higher engineering education, the present engineering graduates in our country obviously lack practical and  innovative ability and are at a disadvantage in the international competition. In view of this current situation, Professor Zhang put forward that we could take and adopt the education mode and concept of developed countries for reference, improve the practical teaching methods, and implement CDIO engineer training system, which is an effective way to improve the quality of talent cultivation. At the same time, Professor Zhang also inspected the productive practical training base in the school, and positively affirmed the experience of our school management and the practical effect of school-enterprise cooperation.

Note: Professor Zhang Hongyan is the director of the Software Engineering Department of the School of Software, Beijing JiaoTong University. She is the first full-time teacher of the School of Software and the "double-qualified" teacher of university engineering education ,who was given the title of national quality course for software system analysis and design technology; In 2010, she won the title of top 10 full-time teachers in China in the annual IBM -Ministry of Education awarding for outstanding teachers in the 10th anniversary celebration of the Ministry of Education's demonstrative software college. Professor Zhang has been sent to Europe and Australia for research twice as a visiting scholar, forming a research technical route focusing on the software service engineering field from theoretical research (business computing and ontology) to engineering process and method research (business process management and demand engineering).