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The Dean of the Dublin Business School Mr. Andrew Conlan-Trant Visited the Institute

author:Editor      Clicks:     Date:2018-09-18 15:41:20

Mr. Andrew Conlan-Trant, Dean of Dublin Business School (DBS), visited the Xiamen Institute of Software Technology on 18 September 2018. President of Xiamen Institute of Software Technology Prof. Zheng Tongtao, Vice President Mrs. Wang Jiehua, together with the deans of each department, met Mr. Andrew in the reception room. President Zheng expressed great pleasure to see Mr. Andrew again. It is their consensus that frequent interaction and close communication would contribute to the development and cooperation of DBS program.

Dean Andrew further thanked our reception and indicated that DBS attached great importance to the cooperation with us. He specially came here to gather the comments and recommendations on the cooperative project between two schools and gain a better understanding of students’ needs on professional academic, scholarships, living environment and further education, so that he can provide the basis for policies aimed at encouraging them to study at DBS. Besides, the plan about teacher exchange visits, academic and research was also intensively negotiated in the meeting.