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School of Software Engineering

There are more than 80 academic staff (both full-time and part-time) in the School. After years of development, a professional teaching team has been formed which consists of campus-based staff and specialists from various enterprises. Most of the faculty members have a postgraduate degree or above, and more than 70 percent of them hold an intermediate or higher professional title. In recent years, the School and some enterprises have jointly undertaken more than 20 teaching and scientific research projects. More than 30 authentic enterprise projects have been introduced into the school’s productive training base.

School of Electronic and Information Engineering

The School of Electronic and Information Engineering possesses a professional teaching team with rich practical experience and theoretical knowledge. 87 percent of the academic staff have a postgraduate degree, while more than 87 percent of them hold an engineer or above professional title. In addition, the School has a group of outstanding engineers from Lenovo, BMW, Wanlida Group Co., Ltd., ABB (China) Co., Ltd. and other enterprises as instructors, providing a solid guarantee for students’ practical learning.  

School of Digital Media

The School has the largest number of faculty in the Institute. More than 60 percent of the academic staff have relative working experience in enterprises.

School of Design & Art

The School has 17 faculty members in total, including 12 full-time academic staff, 4 counselors, and 1 teaching secretary. 85 percent of the academic staff, which consists of an associate professor, seven lecturers, and four teaching assistants, have a postgraduate degree or above, while one of them holds a PhD.

School of Economics and Management

There are nearly 40 faculty members in the School, among which 14 hold a senior professional title, and 9 with an immediate professional title. Many of the key courses are taught by senior executives, accountants, engineers, and financial planners, some of which have earned master's degrees at prestigious universities abroad. 

School of Foreign Studies and Trade

The structure of the faculty is reasonable. There is not only a group of outstanding academic staff graduating from key universities at home and abroad like Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the University of Queensland, Newcastle University, University of Exeter, Kyung Hee University, Peking University, and Xiamen University, but also senior executives from large-scale enterprises with rich practical experience. The teaching team has achieved remarkable success in various teaching skills competitions at the national, provincial, and municipal level.